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Our mission:

Give moments of happiness to many people.

A good life has 40% to do with our inner attitude.
One of the most remarkable human attitudes is GRATITUDE.

Many studies have shown the correlation between gratitude and well-being –
Gratitude is the most direct path to greater happiness and contentment!

It doesn’t cost much, but it changes everything: yourself, your life, and the lives of those close to you.

Join in!
For a happier world!



When I think back to my childhood, I think of wonderful and beautiful moments. I felt safe, loved, and had this mindset in my head “if something bad happens or I do something stupid, my family will stand behind me and fix it”. This basic trust gives me the strength today to always see the good in people.

So after spending my early years carefree with a smile on my face, my youth was marked by adventures and lightness on the one hand and by my tone-setting father on the other. He loved me deeply, but at the same time, he was a person who found it difficult to find good solutions. Therefore, he had many stressful conflicts, which often led to legal disputes in his independent work. As a young person, I observed these scenarios, but I couldn’t place them yet. Especially since my father passed away far too early from an inability to cope with difficulties.

Now I know why I am passionate about what I do!

After my training as a human biologist, I had enriching experiences in medical journalism and became interested in positive psychology, happiness research, and resilience.

Today I do what my father might have needed back then. I support people in dealing with the uncertainties of life in a more positive way. I go on a journey with them to discover their resources. As co-founder of the GlücksFabrik, I make sure that such topics are also positioned in schools.

Thanks to my wonderful husband, my family was given two unforgettable years in Barcelona, where I met Mariela and her amazing family.

The best thing we took away from there.

I am so happy to be able to contribute to this project and I am infinitely grateful.



I grew up with 3 siblings in Aachen, in a big old house right next to the forest. I spent most of my childhood under and on trees, contentedly immersed in my world of adventure.

My teenage years began late and ended early: At the age of 18, with my A-levels in my pocket, I became pregnant.
As a young mother, my little daughter still at my breast, I started studying law in Bonn, which never felt right for me.

When I was discovered as a model at 19, the world opened up for me for the first time and nothing could hold me back.

With the loving support of my parents, who helped me with my daughter, I lived in Paris and New York and traveled the rest of the world. The time as a model was exciting and torn, enriching, and often lonely for me. It was an intense experience, always accompanied by the longing to arrive somewhere.

At 21, I had the great fortune to meet my husband. We married only a year later and chose Barcelona as our home.

I continued modeling for many years, had three more great children, and in 2002 founded the online portal productionparadise.com for photographers and production companies, which today operates in over 80 countries and is the world market leader.

In the meantime, I am a young grandmother – a new dimension.

I read and write a lot and look for ways to share my happiness with others.

My new project SO-HAPPY was born out of this desire. Our goal is ambitious: with millions of personal video messages, we want to give happiness to people all over the world.

It makes you happy to give happiness.
Be part of it!